Vision,Mission and Goal

Vision :

The College of Law and Political science seeks to achieve the highest standards of quality and reliability in the field of academic education and scientific research, in order to improve the legal and political reality in society.


Mission :

The mission of the Faculty of Law and Political Science is to support human knowledge in the legal and political fields by: providing theoretical information, conducting scientific research, conducting scientific conferences and seminars, conducting seminars, and conducting local and international workshops. In cooperation with the relevant legal or political bodies.



The College of Law and Political science works to achieve a number of objectives, the most important of which are:

  • Building, consolidating and developing human knowledge in the legal and political fields.
  • Supplying society with a generation of graduates who are scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally qualified in the field of law and politics.
  • Consolidate the relation between the college and the various institutions of the state that are related to legal and political issues in order to achieve integration between them.
  • Contribute to solving some problems related to a number of legal and political issues, through the organization of scientific conferences, workshops and seminars in order to come out with practical solutions to such problems.


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